all these worldly events

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Tuesday feb 1st, 2011
planet: earth

over the pass few weeks the world been witness to a bunch of worldly changing events.

Firstly the huge flood out in Australia.  huge parts of it is underwater.  My heart goes out to everyone that is effect by the flood. now they are facing the wrath of hurricane Katrina

there was that massive airport bombing in Russia that killed many people too.

in the more recent two weeks there had been a huge government  regime change due to massive protest that broke out in Tunisia’s and now Egypt is facing the same fate.
china already worry it will face the same fate has already started blocking out data and info about whats going on in Egypt.  Will china face the same fate with there Government?? they started growing meat now too.

Now we have Korea both north and south getting back into talks! it does look promising.

in Canada we have a huge petition going on about internet company charging for over usages.  I really hope it get back to unlimited

what is going on in the world?  Is this a sign of things to come?  will other dictatorship country fellow the fate of Tunisia and Egypt? will the world really spill into darkness and chaos or will it change to world peace and unity???

only time will tell.  I just hope it will be for the better of humanity!!

View of beach at Surfers Paradise with skyline.

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