Chinese new year

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Thursday Feb 3st, 2011
planet: earth

well its Chinese new year. the time where most Asia couture celebrate the coming of a new year of the moon calender.  its also my Chinese Lunar birthday 🙂 sweet because on the Feb 5th its my Gregorian calendar birthday.  well that means i get a 4 day party 🙂 sweet

Today I went the the Canadian mint on Granville street in Vancouver and got my free year of the rabbit medallion which you press yourself on site when you get there. check out the photos.  I even held a piece of gold wroth over $500,000.00 it was sweet other then the fact it was held to a big chain and guarded by a undercover police office.


About Allee

I am from Vancouver that loves outdoors and adventures. I trying to build my dream life and wanna be a space traveler oneday. In life I always made it a point to make a every lasting impression on everyone I meet. Thats my goal! SO Like it or well lets just say like it. Call me what you want! but in the end I still that person that made a impact on you!!! Don't believe me? your reading this arn't you. well I'm a outgoing awesome individual. I love the GRIND the grouse grind! i ve taking up a lot of water sport this summer well one paddle surfing. I like to eat wings, steak and i am a wheat grass nut. love p90x, bikram yoga and grouse grind! I love snowboarding!!!!
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