whistler here i come

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Saturday, Mar 26, 2011
planet: earth

Its heen so many years since I been up to whistler. I don’t know what to so when I get there? So many options! I wonder of I going to snow board up there? I hope so but my ankle is still messed up. O well we will have to see by the time this bus gets up there. Until then blog out.

Updated match 26, 2011 19:35 : I finally made it there and it was nice it wasn’t raining or to cold. It was just perfect. I enjoy the day by having wine and going around and them going to the old spaghetti factory for they ny steak. After that I went around to check out a few other place before returning to Vancouver. I wish I could have gone snow boarding, but I will have to wait until my ankles heal first.


About Allee

I am from Vancouver that loves outdoors and adventures. I trying to build my dream life and wanna be a space traveler oneday. In life I always made it a point to make a every lasting impression on everyone I meet. Thats my goal! SO Like it or well lets just say like it. Call me what you want! but in the end I still that person that made a impact on you!!! Don't believe me? your reading this arn't you. well I'm a outgoing awesome individual. I love the GRIND the grouse grind! i ve taking up a lot of water sport this summer well one paddle surfing. I like to eat wings, steak and i am a wheat grass nut. love p90x, bikram yoga and grouse grind! I love snowboarding!!!!
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