the race on the bus

Alick’s blog
Wednesday June, 22, 2011
Time 12:35PM

I am finally getting back to bikram yoga. My trip was well planed out but it seem the delay only makes me as fast as the bus can travel. The race to the studio is becoming an epic race on time and all on acccount of traffic flow! My class starts in 7min yet I still need to walk 2min when I get off the bus plus I need to go one more stop. I hope there r no more red light! But as the bus slows I relize its a red light!
In my mind I think to myself quick light change and process to the next stop! But again a red light has put the bus at a stop! monuments pass and I make it to the second to the last stop. Come on one more red one more stop I think to myself am I going to make it on time maybe I will walk in as the class starts. Then I think to myself writing this help pas the wait time but I better get off my blackberry and get ready to leave the bus!


About Allee

I am from Vancouver that loves outdoors and adventures. I trying to build my dream life and wanna be a space traveler oneday. In life I always made it a point to make a every lasting impression on everyone I meet. Thats my goal! SO Like it or well lets just say like it. Call me what you want! but in the end I still that person that made a impact on you!!! Don't believe me? your reading this arn't you. well I'm a outgoing awesome individual. I love the GRIND the grouse grind! i ve taking up a lot of water sport this summer well one paddle surfing. I like to eat wings, steak and i am a wheat grass nut. love p90x, bikram yoga and grouse grind! I love snowboarding!!!!
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1 Response to the race on the bus

  1. Friendly says:

    i love people and I understand their strugle that they have to simple smile especially in a city. It must be the weather that makes people cold. Hard weather hard people.

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