24 hours of winter 2012

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monday Feburary 13, 2012
Time 2:55am

wow what a weekend.  I finally went snowboarding after 15 years and wow, I not a noob but i am very rusty at it.  I enjoyed about 10.5hrs last weekend.  I went up from 9pm Saturday  night and come back sunday night at 7pm.

best part of the weekend was winning a brand new snowboard and a bunch of snowboarding gear.  I was  talking my my two friends that were up there watching the hockey game.  I try to get them to go snowboarding and then I explained to them how i need to buy my own snowboard next year and get back into the sport.  my friends left cause the didnt want to stay past 11:30 so they could catch their bus.  I finished my drink notice one of my friend left her change purse on the ground so i quickly called her before she got on the tram down and gave it to her.  Then ask the server if they had poutine?  he told me they didnt up in the lounge but in down stairs they did.  so i went down stair to the normally bristo and order a poutine.

I had just  ate a poutine I need to go to the restroom and also check on my rental  board outside.  I guess I was lucky.  I walk by a Dcshoe display and there was a hurricane machine with a sign saying next draw at 12am,  I looked at the time and it was 11:50pm.  I figure why not enter I could win something.  then i notice they had a snowboard on the wall as one of the prizes so i asked the guy how do i win that. he told me that if my name gets drawing i get to goto the hurricane machine and try and get the golden bill to win that. i figure ok i will enter i got everything to gain if i my name gets picked.  I told myself that the board was going to be mine.  so 12am comes around and the guy starts drawing names out.  they needed 5people to go try.  the first 4 were these little kids that where at the very front.  i though to myself i really need to win the snowboard. after he draw about 5 more names of people that had left he gave the kids upfront the box to draw names out.   about 4 names after one kid pulled out my name 🙂   i told him i was here and he ask for proof that it was me?  I showed him my member pass and he said good.  they started in the order of the names that was drawn.   first 4 people all missed the bill but manage to get a bunch of the 5 and 20 bills (they where fake money monoply) the most was that one little girl she got $185.

ok my turned.  I was nervous and wanted to win so bad i just focus and told myself the goal is the golden bill. .  I went into the machine and he started it. i was fixated on that golden bill and grabing any thing that came up.  i manage to get a pile and put it in my pocket and then i saw a big pile and try for it and missed!   but by missing that pile i ended up grabing a really small pile and then I notices everyone outside watching was going crazy and pointing at me and all i heard was he got it.  I looked at my hand and saw a part of a golden bill in it. so i grip it really hard and use my other hand to get the rest of the bills flying.

when the machine stop i came out with two handful of paper money and one pocket full. first i put down the pile with the golden bill and the guy told me i won a snowboard. then i unloaded my other and and empty my pocket as well.  he totalled everything up and say i have $165 for prize plus that golden for snowboard.

they let me pick a snowboard and  a backpack then fill it up with stuff.  I got boots, pants, hats, shirts and a board.  the jacket didnt fit so i ddint take one. I figure good win and thank everyone there for all there support. I had a entire crowd cheering.  I walk over to customer service and ask for a bag check to store my baord and everything else.  it was $5 which i was fine with.

I figure i should get apair of goggles as well.  so i went to the outlet store and ask what was on sale this hour. sure enough it was goggles at 30% off the mark price.  i figure ok go get a pair of cheap ones so i can wear them over my glasses and its all good. so i found pair for $39.99 and they fit. after paying for it i was given a paper for a draw becusae i had spent over $30 there. i was like ok lucky  me i might win that too. so i enter and went on with my snowboarding.

after about 3 hours of being on the slopes ai figure go inside have something to drink and relax.  i sat down and started checking twitter for the contest draw from the outlet store. they annouce winings on twitter.  i started t ocheck there timeline and saw myname as a winner of a brand new pair of goggles.  i went to pick it up and it was a pair of spy+ they are worth $90.  I was so happy that i won!  I then went back to snowboarding and then got tired about 4:30 and it was to foggy out side.  I came in and relax for a few hours then about 9am i took a nap on the couch until about 11:30am then i went back out until 6pm and decided it was time to go home.

I took all my gear with me on the bus and went home. it was so much stuff but awesome!


About Allee

I am from Vancouver that loves outdoors and adventures. I trying to build my dream life and wanna be a space traveler oneday. In life I always made it a point to make a every lasting impression on everyone I meet. Thats my goal! SO Like it or well lets just say like it. Call me what you want! but in the end I still that person that made a impact on you!!! Don't believe me? your reading this arn't you. well I'm a outgoing awesome individual. I love the GRIND the grouse grind! i ve taking up a lot of water sport this summer well one paddle surfing. I like to eat wings, steak and i am a wheat grass nut. love p90x, bikram yoga and grouse grind! I love snowboarding!!!!
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