all these worldly events

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Tuesday feb 1st, 2011
planet: earth

over the pass few weeks the world been witness to a bunch of worldly changing events.

Firstly the huge flood out in Australia.  huge parts of it is underwater.  My heart goes out to everyone that is effect by the flood. now they are facing the wrath of hurricane Katrina

there was that massive airport bombing in Russia that killed many people too.

in the more recent two weeks there had been a huge government  regime change due to massive protest that broke out in Tunisia’s and now Egypt is facing the same fate.
china already worry it will face the same fate has already started blocking out data and info about whats going on in Egypt.  Will china face the same fate with there Government?? they started growing meat now too.

Now we have Korea both north and south getting back into talks! it does look promising.

in Canada we have a huge petition going on about internet company charging for over usages.  I really hope it get back to unlimited

what is going on in the world?  Is this a sign of things to come?  will other dictatorship country fellow the fate of Tunisia and Egypt? will the world really spill into darkness and chaos or will it change to world peace and unity???

only time will tell.  I just hope it will be for the better of humanity!!

View of beach at Surfers Paradise with skyline.

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Canadian Coalition for Electronic Rights » Your Letter Has Been Successfully Sent

Canadian Coalition for Electronic Rights » Your Letter Has Been Successfully Sent.

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boxing day shopping lasted 3 days!

Alicks blog

Alick’s blog

Thursday dec 28, 2010
time 11:28

ok this is how it all begin.  on boxing day i woke up and was ready to go get some deals and i decided to go on line and look at ncix and memory express web site and see what i would buy.  i had found a bunch of stuff but i knew it was so limited that i was going to not make it down there and line up to get it, so i made a second list and i looked around the site and found an awesome deal on a motherboard(msi 870-g45) for my computer and Sony ear bud headphones that where reg 49.99 and make down to 16.99. at memory express i found 1tb Seagate hard drive for reg 69.99 make down 39.99 and Memory 4 gb ddr3 2x2gb for 29.99 after rebate reg 49.99 but was selling for 39.99 boxing day door crasher ( wanted two sets) and theater 6  zalman usb 5.1 surround sound headphone reg 79.99 make down to $19.99.

had my shopping list check it a few times before I left my house. waited until 9am because taht when they both open and i wanted to see what items would have sold out right away because there was a few other door crasher I wanted but where so limited that i made my second list so I wont be disappointed.

time to go shopping it was about 9:15am I venture my way to Richmond where all the stores where at to my surprise when I got to memory express there was no line up outside so i went in and found the place was packed and things where really moving fast.  the store which is new and was huge and i was surprise how many lcd tv there had in their home entertain section.  i made my way to get the items i have come for.  i found the headphone section but can’t find the awesome headphones i was going to get so i look harder and found someone had put the last pair behind some boxes.  (sweet) i grab it and went to the cashier cause that was where i needed to get the memory  from. everything went well.  the sale guy did mention that people started to line up at 1am omg,  well off to ncix.

when i got there they had 3 people in line so i waited and when i went in i went straight to the sales guy and told him what i wanted.  they had everything and rang it all in. I made my way back home to pay with all my new computer stuff before work.

didn’t go as plan

ok so i got home and i took apart my old system and removed everything and replace the motherboard and ram, then re assembly everything and gave it a boot up and it gave me some really odd problems and basically look like the motherboard was no good.  well off to work for now i will work on it when i get off.

dec 27 2010, i woke up this morning and went right to work and found out that my motherboard is indeed messed up and i was didn’t want to spend anymore time trying to fix it.( i shouldn’t cause its brand new,plus i had it running all night diagnostic) so i went on the internet and look around and found that the board has some problems that a lot of people are getting. back the board goes i though.  i went and look at a few other motherboard and found that a lot of people like giga-byte ga-890gpa boards and there were really good for over clocking and stuff. so without wasting more time i took it back to Ncix then i went over to memory express and got the board and even had a price beat of 5% as well and got a 3 year in store replacement warranty.  i figure my errors problems are over right.  wrong i went home and set up the board with everything and i was getting some kind of crash errors with the ram and i found out that the ram was not right for the board. 😦  so after trying for hours to get it working i decided to get the ram and return it and get different certify ram ( which i did find).  also i figure heck i might as well get a new Cpu as well and after doing some research i found that the Amd Phenom ii x4 955 black edition was one of the best bang for the money.  plus it was also on sale as well $134.99  at memory express.

dec 28 2010.  so i went back the next day and got the memory returned and exchanged for better and right ram (corsair xms3 4gb ddr3 x2 stick) and then i went and got the cpu and i figure i needed to get more fans to keep this beast cool. so after getting everything i rush home and started the re-building of my beast. after building it and making sure everything was in right i turned it on hoping there was no errors and it was good!!!!! i went into the bios and change the cpu from a 3.2 ghz to 4.0 ghz and save the over clock setting and booted it up.  everything is working i tested it with prime95 for 1 hours and no freeze or crash.

well that was a long boxing day shopping and ruining around but it all paid off.

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kidneys stones

Alick’s blog

Thursday dec 26, 2010
time 12:28

Well what an crazy way kick off Christmas . OK just before christmas I got kidney stones on the Dec 20,2010. The day all started with playing pool with my buddy at the kits billiards. After that I was going to meet up with my friend and goto the mall and watch a movie. I was in the car with him and his parents and started to have a bit of sharp pain in my right side i though it was a bit odd and had mention it to my buddy and his parents. the first thing that came to mind was that i have kidney stones.  that was what my friends dad said( he mention he had em before and not very fun) i didn’t think anything of it at the time because it was just minor discomfort and we went to the food court and had some food and after that it was still hurting more now and my buddy goes from 1 to 10 how bad is the pain i said about 5 so no biggy he was like well if you had stones it would be at 100 lol.

here comes the pain.

So we went to the movie as planed and went i got to the theater and was going to go sit down I had to go to the washroom and when i was leaving i was not able to stand up straight because of the pain.  while I made my way to the theater and sat  down i was in a lot of pain and didn’t want to leave but the person that sat down in front of me said hey is your buddy ok.  I was in a full sweat and bent over.  i told him if he was to ask me from 1 to 10 its 100 now and he said you should goto a hospital.  so I made my way out of the theater in pain and called his dad to give me a ride to the hospital.  They asked me from 1 to 10 how bad was the pain I said its 100 and I going to pass out.  so they said that they where on the other side of the mall and needed to get the car! i said i would wait outside at McDonald. i went down stairs and waited out in the cold figuring if it cold i wont be in so much pain. but it make my body shut down even faster but the pain went away.  about 25min later my friends dad finally got the truck over and they picked me up and took me to the hospital.  I was in so much  pain that the emergency put me though priority over about 25 people in the waiting room.  my friends mom had to put me in a wheel chair cause i was not able to walk by this point.

here comes the pain killers

so after having the doctor check me and giving me some pain killers one a morphine injection and the other was a pill that they put up your A$s and it was suppose to easy the pain.   i was in that hospital bed for about 4 hours.  over the course which my friends parents left and my brother showed up.  he come to pick me up and take me home if was not in so much pain.  the doctor said i can go home if i not in too much pain.  by this point everything just seem funny i thinking maybe they just gave me laughing gas or something! i was told i had to come back to the hospital to get a ct scan to make sure it was a kidney stone but all sign point to it.  but they said i don’t have to wait cause they are putting me though to super track. sweet

well the fear is true but there a bright side.

the next day i went to my appointment and they did the xray ct scan and the doctor said bad news, i do have a kidney stone but the good news is that it is small and will pass.  so he gave me a prescition for t3s and some prostate pill and some more a$s pills.  he said that all these pain killers will make it pass easier. the doctor  also said he wants me to goto see a specialist and get a second opinion the next day.  so my friend took me there and the specialist said its going to be ok and will pass soon its about to come out soon.

so after being heavily medicated on pain killers for about  5 day the stone finally pass on Christmas eve early afternoon after my nap,  which was cool because i had a family Christmas dinner to goto that night. all went well and i was told to take the meds for a few more days until all the pain is gone.  I’m Glad that is over now

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alick’s blog

Tuesday dec 14 2010
time 12:14

I love fedex tracking system its so funny I been waiting for my wheat grass powder order to show up and i just check fedex website and it said my package got loaded at 11pm on the truck nice so it will site in the cold all night lol
well at least it will be the first item drop off




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hot hot yoga

Alick’s blog

Thursday DEC 9/2010
planet: Earth
time 08:36

Well I finally decided to take up those Bikram yoga classes I had pre-paid for Last night.  for starter to my surprise the classes are small and the yoga is not so hard,   but it’s really hot in their which makes it challenging .  I probably lost about 4 pounds in water weight alone in the first class.  Classes are about 20 people in size, I find this great because I’ve  seen other studios and they have like Up to 40 to 50 people in a huge room.

To my surprise there are a lot of hot ladies in there too wow. my class there was me and two other guys the rest are hot girls.  I though maybe there would be the odd not so hot one but hey it must be the hot yoga even if you are a little fat a few classes of this will really melt that fat away

Its something that I would for sure sign up for again after I am done my package.  I recommend this to anyone would want to lose a few pound or just wants to enjoy the hot yoga workout.  just don’t go and try to enjoy the view cause it so hot in there that your going to be so busy trying to get the poses right.  you can socialize after though.  I have to say you sleep very well after all that yoga.

I do recommend you drink lots of water before and after though because you do get dehydrated.  bring an extra long towel or rent one also make sure you bring a change of clothes because you will be soaked from head to toe after your done.  Don’t worry they have a full facility for shower and locker Room.

Bikram yoga college of India
150-3665 Kingsway
BC V5R 5W2

604-451-FIRE (3473)

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awesome start to an awesome day.

Alick’s blog

Friday Nov 26/2010
planet: Earth
time 13:44

wow what a day.  It all began at 5:30am, I woke up to goto the black Friday sale at ncix.  I went to go line up for this crazy where-house sale.  I got there about 7:15am and there was about 50 people already there, even people camping out in a tent! I was lucky because at about 8am there had been about 500 people behind me.  when 9am came around people where being let in at 5 to 10 people at a time.

I manage to make it in and proceeded to get the items i went there for.  first I went for a computer case because i needed something better to install my water cooling system and improve air flow.  I found a case 2 of them one was $10 and the other was $20 both had been reduced by 80% off.  then I went to see the storage media ie: hard drives.  I manage to get a 1tb harddrive for $39.99 mark down from $79.99.  awesome.  so after browsing around the store as more and more people came in i started to look at the next thing on my list motherboards.  I found it was still to pricy for them and  i was going to wait for next year to upgrade that.

so as I went to line up to make my purchase I was debating which case to get of the two i pick.  either the ncix branded case or the antec 300 mid size case.  then i saw this awesome looking case that was $39.99  and when i was it was mark down from $190.00 I was awe about it.  I notice it was huge, well at least way bigger then my two that i picked.  so without hesitation I put the other two back and grab that one.  as I grab it there was two other people eyeing that case.(lucky me)  by this time it was about 10.30am.  I decided it was time to go and I got my items I came for except the motherboard which i will wait on.  I called my friend Joseph to see if i can get a ride and he said he was on his way down.  the line up to pay for the items was huge.  i waited at least 45min to get to the front of the line.  over all I waited with from the time i went there to the time I left it was 11:30am  not bad I 4 hours total from lining up to buying it.  not bad I save $267.00 with tax.

so when i got home I found canadapost was here and it had my cell phone from the insurance company and they left a pick up notice from tomorrow.  damn it I miss this by 20mins. o well i guess i will have to get it tomorrow.


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